About Youth Alive

Word From YA Director

Welcome to Youth Alive Web Portal!

Youth Alive is a ministry from Bethany Pentecostal Church Assembly of God in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, founded by our Senior Pastor, Rev. Eronides DaSilva, on June 11th, 2011.

Since then, we have established youth services, special activities, video ministry and bible studies for kids in our church and our community. Our mission is to outreach the lost and provide a place where teens and children can grow, serve and worship God. Youth Alive sole purpose is to bring forth God’s glory thru evangelism, discipleship, worship and teaching the Word of God.

As a young tracker in life, it is important to lay a good foundation for the future ahead. You need to pave the road, so not only you can start in the right path, but most importantly, so you can finish your race well.

That reminds me of a dreamer boy from the Bible, who’s name was Joseph. Remember him? He was taken as a slave to Egypt when he was 17. Far from his family, country and destiny, Joseph did not allow the storms of life to defeat him. Much for the contrary, because he had paved a road of faith and trust in God, he was able to overcome all difficulties, until he reached his final destination - a Higher Calling. Because of his faithfulness, God placed him in a great position, as governor of Egypt. So, I wish you the best and a successful walk with the Lord. I pray that you may reach your final destination, spending eternity with Jesus, the Savior.

Remember, our services are every second Saturday of the month. We hope to see you there and we wait to hear from you.

Be blessed… be alive… be Youth Alive!

Meet Our Leaders

Pedro Pereira - Director

Is the current Youth Alive Director. He is originally from South Africa, but was raised in Portugal. He has graduated in Journalism, and had the calling to be part of international missions at Bethany Pentecostal Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In addition, he serves the Lord by teaching in Sunday School, preaching the gospel and playing the guitar. Pedro and his wife Delmy have three children – Genesis, Joel and David.

Sokoloko Cabral - Secretary

Is originally from Angola, Africa, and she is the Secretary from the Youth Alive Department. She studied to be a mechanic back in her country and has graduated in Theology in USA. Sokoloko is the Juniors Sunday School teacher for the church and plays keyboard at the YA Band. She loves to sing and cook.

Vania DaSilva - Vocal

Is the Youth Alive Vocal Leader. She was born in Brazil, but has lived in United States most of her life. She serves as Secretary, Teacher and Worship Leader from the church. Vania is also a Missionary and has traveled to different countries, especially in Africa, to help children and teens know the Lord. After her graduation, she had the opportunity to travel to Israel where she studied History, Geography and Archaeology. That inspired her to start learning a new language - Hebrew.

Manuela Barros - Band

Is the Youth Alive Band Leader. She plays guitar for the band and has helped to train other teens on how to play band instruments. She was born in Brazil, but came to join the Bethany Pentecostal Church many years ago. She is a Sunday School teacher and Media Director from the church. She has graduated in Theology and Computer Science. She loves languages and is presently learning Russian.

Ana Argueta - Devotionals

Was born in El Salvador and is the leader for the Youth Alive Devotionals. She is married, has four kids and has graduated in Accounting. She serves the Bethany Pentecostal Church as Second Secretary, Sunday School teacher and is active in different departments from the Church.

Mbaxi Divaldo Cabral - Recreational

Takes care of the recreational part of the Youth Alive. He was born in Angola, Africa, and has graduated in Business Administration and Computer Science. Mbaxi also plays bass at church and works in the sound at the youth services. He serves at the Bethany Pentecostal Church as Sunday School teacher and musician.